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History of environmental remediation

El Capitan Environmental Services (El Capitan) is a full-service environmental remediation and contracting small business enterprise based in the San Fernando Valley and Orange County.

El Capitan offers technical and practical expertise in areas of environmental remediation and construction services including demolition, earth moving, UST removal, removal and management of hazardous waste, soil and groundwater remediation, permitting, grading, infrastructure site restoration, as well as construction, operation, and maintenance of remediation systems.


El Capitan employs multi-disciplined personnel, whose backgrounds include soil, chemical, civil, construction, and petroleum engineering, as well as heavy equipment operators with extensive hands-on experience in environmental remediation. Additional expertise includes project controls, scheduling, costs saving analysis, agency negotiations, and permitting.   El Capitan self-performs all projects and owns a fleet of heavy equipment.


El Capitan’s compiled experience during the last decades includes removal and cleanup of over 200 USTs ranging in capacity from five hundred to two million gallons, excavation and removal of over 1.7 million tons of contaminated soil containing various hazardous wastes (arsenic, lead, mercury, PCBs, dioxins, PAHs, VOCs, and petroleum hydrocarbons), for both public and private entities.


El Capitan safety record is unblemished by any accident, it has not received any notice of violations from any regulatory agency; and it has completed all its contractual obligations to the satisfaction of its clients.